An Overview Of The Best ICO In 2018

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Today, more and more people start to invest in initial coin offering start-ups. This business objects are of innovative nature. Stakeholders in these types of projects usually get a high return on investment.

In order to choose a right ICO to invest in, it is important to evaluate the existent start-ups on the market. Initial coin offering projects appear each year. Each investor can find an interesting start-up to invest in.

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The most innovative ICOs

Stakeholders can invest in ICO projects cryptocurrency. For this reason, the majority of ICO projects are very innovative. Here are the most attractive ICOs in 2018:

  • Real Estate Doc. It is a very interesting start-up to invest in. It aims to facilitate the process of real estate management. The property leasing will be based on blockchain technology. Real Estate Doc was launched in October 2018.
  • Smart Trip Platform. It is a business project that helps to travel around the world. It aims to facilitate travelling. It unites travellers and service providers. It allows to develop the most amazing travelling routes.
  • Science Root. Science for today‚Äôs society is very important. That is why Science Root ICO proposes excellent opportunity to research and publish research results. It also helps scientists to attract financing for innovative scientific projects.
  • Cubamania. It is an educational platforms for children. It explains basic scientific knowledge in an easy way. It is an excellent tool to educate modern kids. It was established in May, 2018.
  • Friend. It is an interesting ICO that aims to unite people all over the world. It works following the principles of contemporary social media. One of the main benefits is its decentralised functioning. The project was launched in June, 2018.
  • Konoos. This is a very valuable ICO for the development digital business. It helps to facilitate access of users to the ICO projects. It tackles the problems of privacy and personal data protection. It was launched in July, 2018.
  • Phoneum. It is an attractive ICO to invest in. It is the only mobile cryptocurrency of today. It helps people to buy and sell cryptocurrency in large amounts. It was launched in July 2018.
  • Ubex. It is a very innovative project. It helps to use artificial intelligence in the advertising. This is a startup that will definitely, be successful. It was launched in May 2018.
  • Codex Protocol. It is a perfect ICO for the lovers of luxurious life. It gives access to trade unique pieces of arts, watches and other valuable assets. It is a project that is very attractive to invest in. It was launched in July 2018.

These are the most innovative ICO projects of 2018. Each of them has large chances to become a successful business. Stakeholders should choose that project which corresponds to their personal interests.