Seven Popular Blockchain Platforms In 2018

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Stakeholders of today do not want to invest in shares of big corporations. Digital businesses keep attracting more and more investors. Initial coin offering is the latest trend of today.

Initial coin offering projects are launched by contemporary innovative start-ups. To invest in such businesses is quite simple. Stakeholders have to use blockchain platforms for that purpose.

Top Blockchain Platforms In 2018

Blockchain platforms involve crypto money as both payment and investment method. It is important to choose cryptocurrency that will be less risky to invest in. Here are top blockchain platforms of today:

  • Hyperledger. It is a very effective blockchain technology of today. It was particularly developed to operate in the businesses of supply chain management, internet of things, financing and banking as well well as manufacturing. It helps to facilitate operations of these types of businesses.
  • IBM bluemix blockchain. This platform was released by the large IBM corporations. This program aims to facilitate regular business transactions. It is particularly beneficial to use for the better governance of multi-institutional business networks. This service works on IBM Cloud technology.
  • Open Chain. It is a very useful platform for those businessmen who possess digital assets. It helps to manage digital assets developed by Coinprism. This platform can also issue digital assets and facilitate the process of their management. It is one of the most reliable blockchain platforms of today.
  • Quorum.  This software was developed by J.P. Morgan. It aims to facilitate financial transactions. This platform is particularly beneficial for corporate use. Large entreprises can use it to facilitate their financial operations. It is characterised by high performance.
  • Domus Tower Blockchain. It is an excellent platform developed for the use of accounting companies. It helps to manage clients’ accounts easier. This system was developed to avoid errors, hacking situations that happen regularly in the work of big accounting companies.
  • Multi Chain technology. It is a platform that gives an opportunity to create and run private blockchain. In the modern business it is a very important function. It also helps to resolve major issues in finance, infrastructure and e-commerce. This platform is compatible with other networks.
  • Ripple. It is one of the reliable blockchain systems. It helps to easily manage cryptocurrency. It aims to facilitate the communication between banks, financial providers, digital assets exchanges and private clients. It is a must-visit platform for modern stakeholders.

These are the most innovate blockchain platforms in 2018. Though they are reliable, Bitcoin and Ethereum keep being very reliable too. They were launched much earlier, but keep being used by individual and corporate clients. Here is basic information about it:

  • Bitcoin. It is the pioneer technology in the sector. Bitcoin is the safest blockchain technology. This cryptocurrency is easy to exchange in any hard currency. An investor can mine Bitcoin and increase personal fortune.
  • Ethereum. It is a very effective platform that helps to facilitate smart contracts and realise major digital transactions. It was launched in 2014. Today it is the second largest system after Bitcoin.

This is an overview of the most reliable systems on the market. Each one helps to facilitate business processes.